…let’s just say “hors d’oeuvre.”

Dear ones, I wanted to get a quick and somewhat final post in on this final day of the longest year in history. I mean, of course it wasn’t. But, well, it was up there.

Thank you all for being with me through my long adventure in Peru, and my subsequent wanders down memory lane—some of them thorny, some not so bad.

I’ve been slaving away to make Head Roam a thing, and I’m deeply happy to say that it now is one. Please pop over, read some of the few posts that are up, and give me feedback; I’m counting on you.

Over the next week, I’ll be fine tuning it; getting the newsletter working, getting social media (beh, but necessary) accounts in order, and adding as many posts as possible. If you’d like to subscribe, just drop a note to nan@lechoufou.com. Or, of course, head over to Head Roam next week and hit one of the handy subscribe buttons you’ll find ALL over the place.

I do have an actual newsletter strategy for HR as opposed to just bouncing out links when a new post is up; that will allow me to keep the personal aspect, though I am walking back a fair amount just to keep my sanity. I’m also looking into some live video, as people seem to dig it, so that’ll be pretty darn personal (though doubtless less revealing than some of the stuff I’ve written here). Just head there to find out what’s what. Oh, and the social tags are @headroamer. Sadly, @headroam was taken. But then I again, I am the Head Roamer.


For the time being, Le Chou Fou will remain online. But I won’t be posting here any more, though I will continue to have my email here, as well as check for comments.

I have had lovely interactions with so many of you, including people I’ve only met virtually. Please do stay in touch. You know all sorts of stuff about me now, and many of you have shared some pretty amazing things about yourselves.

May your 2021 be wonderful in some way, and hopefully in many ways. May you realize your heart’s desire at least once. And may you all find a bear to kiss.

Thank you all. Godspeed.