Who is Nan Bauer? A brief bio of the writer and Jeopardy contestant

Who is Nan Bauer? Well, I’ll tell you. Here’s what I look like.

Nan Bauer, writer, creator of Le Chou Fou, and Jeopardy contestantI am a writer living in southeast Michigan, which happens to be the 9th state I’ve lived in (not including anxiety, elation, blissful matrimony, etc.) The other states include CA, ID, UT, NY, CT, MA, FL, OH, as well as 3 summers in the District of Columbia. So I’ve been busy…

While I currently focus almost exclusively on food, I’ve written about lots of stuff for a number of different regional publications. Here, some favorites:

As I write additional stories, I’ll be sure to post them.

Other gigs in my vagabond life have included acting, directing/producing videos, and working as Editorial Coordinator for the Criterion Collection back in the laserdisc days. Yeah, I’m old.

Oh yeah, and I, Nan Bauer, was on Jeopardy! That was a gas.

So how’d I get into food? Well, I started to teach myself to cook in the late 80s. I’ll be sharing more about that adventure as we go. But for now, just know that I have a small amount of time in a Hell’s Kitchen-esque environment, where I learned a lot. in the long journey since, I’ve never stopped loving to cook, and probably more specifically, to share food with people. Hence, Le Chou Fou.

Le Chou Fou means “the crazy cabbage” in French. I intend it to be a growing community where we all learn a lot from each other. From my experience teaching English at Washtenaw Community College, I know that the so-called “students” are the real teachers. Please feel free to get in touch any time by emailing nan@lechoufou. Let me know your ideas, what you’d like to see, your hacks, your favorite things to cook.

Let’s shine on together, all of us crazy cabbages.


4 thoughts on “Who Is Nan Bauer?

  1. Loved seeing you on Jeopardy and am impressed with your life experiences. If you are ever in Wisconsin, I would love to meet you in person. You are an amazing woman 🙂

  2. So sorry that you didn’t make it through day four of Jeopardy. You were a lot of fun to watch. Congratulations on being a three time champ!

  3. My wife and I enjoyed watching you on Jeopardy! Was pulling for you because you are a (fellow) writer! I’m 83 and have written stage plays for years but simply put them in the file. A few one act plays have been performed in local community theaters but nothing published. Do you write plays? Do you critique writings or is there someone I can contact and have them review and critique mine? Or is that something that is not done? From the extreme west corner of Virginia: Merry Christmas!!

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