Cauliflower Pizza Crust
LCF Update 4-3-18: Fasting, Fat Bombs, Tiki!!
Deviled Eggs
My Raw Food Experiment
how to make A genius Irish staple for using up leftover mashed potatoes and greens—or better yet, make them both fresh. Perfect comfort food, just in time for St. Patrick's.
Colcannon: Comfy Irish Leftovers
the emerald isle bowl, a paleo gluten-free bowl perfect for st. Patrick's day
Emerald Isle Bowl
salad argentina style, heaped on a pizza
Salad Argentina Style
new-fashioned cobb salad, lunchfor my paleo experiment
My Paleo Experiment
LCF Update 1-8-18: Happy New Year
bowl building: ready to roll
How to Build a Bowl
rapini and how to make it tasty
LCF Update: 12-22-17
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