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Cauliflower Pizza Crust

I am not one to go shrieking, "Carbs mean carnage!!," as the unstable duck in the movie Babe does about Christmas. As I've noted before, I love carbs. So I'm mildly troubled to report that, since embarking on an ostensibly healthier and lower carb

LCF Update 4-3-18: Fasting, Fat Bombs, Tiki!!

This LCF Update 4-3-18 marks a return to something I've planned to do from the conception of Le Chou Fou: point to cool stuff I've found around the old interwebs and off of it through the week. Welcome back! Before I get going, I wanted to point

Deviled Eggs

I'm old enough to have grown up with Easter egg hunts that were 80% dyed hard-boiled eggs. Even though I was a notoriously picky child, I liked hard-boiled eggs. But the vast quantities that resulted from Easter egg hunting daunted even me. Many a

My Raw Food Experiment

So the paleo thing didn't work out so well—at least not the one that I tried. So before detailing my raw food experiment, I report that, in response, Katie over at Athletic Muscle sent me this link. She's collected 121 recipes that I'm mostly