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My Paleo Experiment

So here's why I undertook this paleo experiment: I will not lie. I love carbs. As a kid, I thought meat was weird: the texture, the smell, the way it looks. But alas, a woman who lives by carbs alone becomes, at least in my case, a low energy

How to Build a Bowl

Bowls have been a thing since long before you saw "bowl" on offer everywhere you looked. I'm a grazer, so bowls are pretty  much my favorite way to eat. This super simple guide promises super easy bowl building with whatever ingredients and combos


How do you solve a problem like.....rapini? On the shelf, it looks so adorable, bright emerald green baby broccoli flowers amid plenty of leaves that look like mustard greens, with crispy-looking jade green stems... You may think, well,

LCF Update: 12-22-17

Hello, pumpkins and petits chous everywhere. It's the holiday season edition of the LCF Update 12-22-17. Around here that means: The Oscar Peterson Christmas album At least one really bad cold (thankfully, on the exit ramp) One road trip