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Cookiepalooza 2018

Jump straight to the Cookiepalooza 2018 recipe links. I will start by admitting that I love the idea of making cookies. I like the aftermath of making cookies, despite the temptation factor. (By the way, November and December are the

Sweet Potato Crust Quiche

Jump to the Sweet Potato Crust Quiche step by step or Sweet Potato Crust Quiche recipe. Ok, regular petits et grands choux (I just called you small and large French! I'm all about the culture) must acknowledge I love me some

Flight Attendant Appreciation Day

Flight Attendant Appreciation Day is long overdue, in my book. In fact, I've decided to basically declare it every day I fly. Allow me to attempt to persuade you to do the same. First, a step back. I grew up in an era where being a stewardess

Palm Springs: Mid Mod Mad

I came to Palm Springs to visit a friend, and not because I am midmod mad. I know a lot of people who are, and I like the midmod ascetic quite a bit. But unlike my sister Becky, who tosses about phrases like "Sputnik lamp" and "kidney table" like